Eurocopter 145 T2 Production update


The Airbus H145 – Eurocopter EC145T2 – Kawasaki BK117D2

Orderbook & Production listing has been updated.

AeroBoek Eurocopter 145T2 Order Book

AeroBoek Eurocopter EC145T2 Production


The first 800.

The Eurocopter 145 production pages have been updated.

Showing the first 800 units produced at the Eurocopter Germany Donauworth facility.

The last 100 units have been listed here: AeroBoek Eurocopter 145 Production

Some airframe details are not yet known. Any assistance with filling the gaps is very much appreciated.

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Bell 429 news update



Bell 429 during demo flight.

Exactly one year ago,  a pair of Bell 429 helicopters was captured during a demo flight.

During that day, on 11 May 2016,  nobody could have guessed that within a year both helicopters # 143 OM-ATR, and # 202 OM-BYM would have been destroyed, killing 6 occupants, and severely injuring two. This is quite remarkable. Although the circumstances of the accidents are very different, both helicopters have a lot in common. An accident investigation report of the first crash on 7 September 2016 has not yet been published.

Approximately 300 Bell 429 Global Rangers are currently operating around the globe.

This was the fifth Bell 429 that was destroyed during a crash landing. The other airframes involved are:

  1. #046, XC-VVE on 15 August 2015.
  2. #197, RA-01617 on 1 January 2016.
  3. #143, OM-ATR on 7 September 2016.
  4. #249, N598PB on 15 February 2017.
  5. #202, OM-BYM on 10 May 2017.



Sikorsky 92 helicopters fly into the void

Sikorsky 92 helicopters fly into the void left by the Eurocopter Super Puma.

Due to the recent crash in Norway on 29 April 2016,  and the subsequent grounding of the Eurocopter EC225 and Aerospatiale AS332L2 (Super Puma) helicopter, several Sikorsky 92 helicopters have been directed from all over the world to the North Sea Area.

A small summary:


From Brasil:

#159 PR-JBH to G-CIYD to LN-???

From Falkland Islands:

#124 G-CIHP to Norway LN-ONY

#224 G-CIGZ

#228 G-IACG to Norway LN-ONM

From Nigeria:

#209 5N-BTI to G-CICH

Babcock / Bond:

New from the factory, white livery:

#273 N273H to G-MCSA

#281 N281LM to G-MCSB


From Canada:

#229 C-FEAE to G-WNSU

#216 C-FBXY to G-WNST

VIH / Cougar:

From Gulf of Mexico:

#114 N901CH to Hammerfest, Norway, LN-ONI

From Canada:

#094 C-FEQI to Stavanger, Norway LN-ONH



Bell 429 Production update

The AeroBoek Bell 429 Global Ranger Production page has been updated.

Nowadays approximately 275 Bell 429 Global Rangers have been build, delivered and are operating around the globe.

Thirteen of these have been equipped with a Wheeled Landing Gear.

Five 429 WLG are operating in Brasil;   #176, #212, #216, #266, #267

Out of a total fleet of 275 units, two airframes have been lost in accidents;  #046 and #197.

Bell 429 Production update

The AeroBoek Bell 429 Global Ranger Production page has been updated.

On 16 March 2016 the last of 15 units was accepted by the Canadian Coast Guard.

The fleetlist:

432 C-GCIO 57259
433 C-GCIP 57257
434 C-GCIQ 57275
435 C-GCIV 57248
436 C-GCIY 57278
437 C-GCPI 57277
438 C-GCPJ 57279
439 C-GCQB 57258
440 C-GCPV 57256
441 C-GCQG 57238
442 C-GCQK 57269
443 C-GCQR 57245
444 C-GCQS 57268
445 C-GCQT 57273
446 C-GCRU 57251

Details and photo’s of all 15 units can be found on the Bell 429 production page.