The first 800.

The Eurocopter 145 production pages have been updated.

Showing the first 800 units produced at the Eurocopter Germany Donauworth facility.

The last 100 units have been listed here: AeroBoek Eurocopter 145 Production

Some airframe details are not yet known. Any assistance with filling the gaps is very much appreciated.

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Around the Globe in a Bell 429 Global Ranger

Around the Globe in a Bell 429 Global Ranger

A Canadian team, Bob Dengler and his son Steven Dengler, is starting today, on the first of July 2017, with a circumnavigation flight around the Globe in a Bell 429 C150GO under the title of C150GO to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canada once it began self-governing on the 1st of July 1867.

Use Spidertracks to follow the helicopter real-time: Track the C150GO helicopter

Or visit the project website at:

We wish them a safe journey !

Bell 429 news update



Bell 429 during demo flight.

Exactly one year ago,  a pair of Bell 429 helicopters was captured during a demo flight.

During that day, on 11 May 2016,  nobody could have guessed that within a year both helicopters # 143 OM-ATR, and # 202 OM-BYM would have been destroyed, killing 6 occupants, and severely injuring two. This is quite remarkable. Although the circumstances of the accidents are very different, both helicopters have a lot in common. An accident investigation report of the first crash on 7 September 2016 has not yet been published.

Approximately 300 Bell 429 Global Rangers are currently operating around the globe.

This was the fifth Bell 429 that was destroyed during a crash landing. The other airframes involved are:

  1. #046, XC-VVE on 15 August 2015.
  2. #197, RA-01617 on 1 January 2016.
  3. #143, OM-ATR on 7 September 2016.
  4. #249, N598PB on 15 February 2017.
  5. #202, OM-BYM on 10 May 2017.



Sikorsky 92 Production update

The AeroBoek Sikorsky 92 Production page six has been updated.

This month, March 2017, saw several factory new, and some older aircraft being shipped to Australia to provide transport for some very large projects. One being the Ichthys LNG project on behalf of INPEX, Japan. Several others where added in the weeks thereafter. The HNZ-PHI helicopters operate from Broome heliport to offshore installations some two hours out.

Sikorsky 92 Helicopters involved sofar are:

  • # 028 VH-ISV
  • # 037 VH-IPQ
  • # 038 VH-IPE
  • # 104 VH-IPK
  • # 116 VH-IPX
  • # 161 VH-ISP
  • # 255 VH-LWJ
  • # 278 VH-LWQ
  • # 289 VH-LWU

Bell 429 Production update

The AeroBoek Bell 429 Global Ranger Production page has been updated.

December was a busy month:  At least 5 units have been delivered:

#240 Air Transport Europe, Slovakia. 
#280 Air Transport Europe, Slovakia.
#281 Air Transport Europe, Slovakia.
#284 Puerto Rico Health Department.
#291 Flamboyant Helicenter, Brasil.