Wanted: Air Track Rotor Roster

Wanted: Air Track Rotor Roster

Looking for copies of Air Track Rotor Roster Edition 1989 & 1998.

If you want to sell these please reply to this address:

MD600 Photo Request:

Looking for photo’s of the following MD600 NOTAR helicopters:

RN-002 N9202L



RN-038 N609BP

RN-041 N611BP has been added on 21 jan 2013

RN-065 EM-0065

RN-070 EM-0070   has been added on 11 june 2012

if you are able to help me, please send an e-mail to the address on this link:

Photo’s Wanted:

Looking for recent images of the following helicopters:


msn LN-108 tailnumber OO-CCC


msn RN-080 tailnumber RP-C….?

MD900 Explorer:

00010 XA-…

00016 PP-MDX  ( image has been added on 4 June 2012 )

00030 OO-CWT

00077 N451CJ

00120 TI-BDJ  ( image added on 10 May 2012 )

00133 VT-TPC