Bell 429 Production update

The AeroBoek Bell 429 Global Ranger Production page has been updated.

December was a busy month:  At least 5 units have been delivered:

#240 Air Transport Europe, Slovakia. 
#280 Air Transport Europe, Slovakia.
#281 Air Transport Europe, Slovakia.
#284 Puerto Rico Health Department.
#291 Flamboyant Helicenter, Brasil.

Sikorsky 92 helicopters fly into the void

Sikorsky 92 helicopters fly into the void left by the Eurocopter Super Puma.

Due to the recent crash in Norway on 29 April 2016,  and the subsequent grounding of the Eurocopter EC225 and Aerospatiale AS332L2 (Super Puma) helicopter, several Sikorsky 92 helicopters have been directed from all over the world to the North Sea Area.

A small summary:


From Brasil:

#159 PR-JBH to G-CIYD to LN-???

From Falkland Islands:

#124 G-CIHP to Norway LN-ONY

#224 G-CIGZ

#228 G-IACG to Norway LN-ONM

From Nigeria:

#209 5N-BTI to G-CICH

Babcock / Bond:

New from the factory, white livery:

#273 N273H to G-MCSA

#281 N281LM to G-MCSB


From Canada:

#229 C-FEAE to G-WNSU

#216 C-FBXY to G-WNST

VIH / Cougar:

From Gulf of Mexico:

#114 N901CH to Hammerfest, Norway, LN-ONI

From Canada:

#094 C-FEQI to Stavanger, Norway LN-ONH



MD Helicopter NOTAR Production update

The MD Helicopters NOTAR Production page has been updated.

New: MD520N Notar LN-112  Volusia County Mosquito Control.

The overview page now shows all models on one page, listed by msn or serial-number.

Detailed airframe information is available by clicking on the serial-number.

Renaming of Eurocopter a big Fiasco

Renaming EUROCOPTER into AIRBUS HELICOPTER is a big fiasco.

In 1992 Aerospatiale and Messerschmidt Bolkow Blohm have merged into one European Helicopter company called EUROCOPTER.

EUROCOPTER is a very solid name and a solid brand.  You don’t even have to add the word helicopter, like Bell Helicopter, or Sikorsky Helicopter. Everybody understands.  It was a simple and well chosen name.

AIRBUS is also a solid name and solid brand.  Airbus builds large commercial airliners. Every traveler knows and understands.

In the year 2000 the holding company of Airbus & Eurocopter wanted a new name. The problem started when some marketing / advertising agency / design company came up with the name of EADS.  It is an acronym for European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V.

Try to pronounce EADS.  It sounds just like AIDS.

Which poor manager decided to use this name ?  Which poor advertising agency came up with this name ?

Just recently the EADS board decided to rename the Holding Company.

The best they came up with was AIRBUS.  So the solid brand AIRBUS will now also be associated with Defence, Helicopters and Space.

Which poor advertising agency came up with this solution ?  Was it the same one who invented EADS ? Did they have a pitch between different advertising agencies ?

There must be hundreds of small / young / creative / intellectual advertising agencies out there that can do a better job.

There are very strong names / brands in the Global Aerospace Industry.


So it must be possible to invent an acronym that contains some of these words: EUROPEAN AEROSPACE  DEFENCE  AVIATION SPACE CORPORATION INDUSTRIE COMPANY INCORPORATED

A strong name for EUROPEAN AEROSPACE.

I would suggest to start a competition between European advertising agencies and design bureau’s to invent a new name for the EADS holding.

Do not change the name EUROCOPTER into AIRBUS HELICOPTER.

It will cost millions of Euro’s to change the name on helicopters, publications, buildings, cars, trucks, equipment, marketing material, training material, simulators, type-certificates, manuals, spare parts, software, databases, website’s, e-mail addresses, domains, business cards, uniforms, etc.

All the old ( printing)  material with the name Eurocopter will be thrown away.  What a waste.  Is this an Eco Efficient proces ?

Ten thousands of people involved in the helicopter industry will have to adapt to the new name. Such a process can take years.

What will be the new designation of an Airbus Helicopter ?

For instance Model 350.

Airbus 350 ?  ( Oh, thats the Airliner )

AB 350 ? ( Oh, that is an Agusta Bell 350 )

AH 350 ? ( Oh, that is a new Attack Helicopter )

What kind of helicopter qualifies to be an AIRBUS Helicopter ?

Only the Super Puma model has sufficient seats to be called a (mini) AIRBUS, but keeping the recent crashes and ditches in mind,  the name SEABUS Helicopter would be more appropriate.

I think changing the name has a huge impact and the benefit is ZERO.   It will cost approximately the value of one or two helicopters.

Don’t waste all this money,  don’t throw away a strong brand name.

STOP this process,  Better use all this otherwise wasted money for a better goal.

Donate the equivalent in value, a fully equipped EMS helicopter to an EMS charity foundation.

That is a Public Relations win-win situation.