Sikorsky 92 Production update

The AeroBoek Sikorsky 92 Production page six has been updated.

This month, March 2017, saw several factory new, and some older aircraft being shipped to Australia to provide transport for some very large projects. One being the Ichthys LNG project on behalf of INPEX, Japan. Several others where added in the weeks thereafter. The HNZ-PHI helicopters operate from Broome heliport to offshore installations some two hours out.

Sikorsky 92 Helicopters involved sofar are:

  • # 028 VH-ISV
  • # 037 VH-IPQ
  • # 038 VH-IPE
  • # 104 VH-IPK
  • # 116 VH-IPX
  • # 161 VH-ISP
  • # 255 VH-LWJ
  • # 278 VH-LWQ
  • # 289 VH-LWU

Sikorsky 92 helicopters fly into the void

Sikorsky 92 helicopters fly into the void left by the Eurocopter Super Puma.

Due to the recent crash in Norway on 29 April 2016,  and the subsequent grounding of the Eurocopter EC225 and Aerospatiale AS332L2 (Super Puma) helicopter, several Sikorsky 92 helicopters have been directed from all over the world to the North Sea Area.

A small summary:


From Brasil:

#159 PR-JBH to G-CIYD to LN-???

From Falkland Islands:

#124 G-CIHP to Norway LN-ONY

#224 G-CIGZ

#228 G-IACG to Norway LN-ONM

From Nigeria:

#209 5N-BTI to G-CICH

Babcock / Bond:

New from the factory, white livery:

#273 N273H to G-MCSA

#281 N281LM to G-MCSB


From Canada:

#229 C-FEAE to G-WNSU

#216 C-FBXY to G-WNST

VIH / Cougar:

From Gulf of Mexico:

#114 N901CH to Hammerfest, Norway, LN-ONI

From Canada:

#094 C-FEQI to Stavanger, Norway LN-ONH