Notar News

This month a new MD Explorer took to the skies again, operated by Cox Air Care – Air Methods.

This airframe with tailnumber N9201U has been operating with the United States Coast Guard as a part of their HITRON 10 program during 1999. In 2001 it has flown around the world. From 2002 untill 2005 it has been leased to the Dutch National Police. From 2005 untill 2015 the airframe has been stored. In 2015 it returned to MD helicopters in Mesa, Arizona.

After an extensive MD900 to MD902 upgrade program, including new Pratt & Whitney PW207E engines, the airframe was restored to flying condition on 29 September 2017 with tailnumber N902CH.

A truly remarkable airframe: MD Explorer 900-00042.

In October 2017, two former Yorkshire Air Ambulance MD Explorer airframes have been sold to Heli Delta BV, a Dutch company. The whereabouts of both airframes is currently unknown.

MD Explorer 900-00080

MD Explorer 900-00089

Several MD Explorers in Rendorseg livery have been reported operating from Staverton, Gloucester.

Most likely the Hungarian National Police has bought another batch of five pre-owned MD Explorer helicopters. They are former United Kingdom Police airframes.

Known airframes involved are:

MD Explorer 900-00057

MD Explorer 900-00104

Notar News

Several MD Explorers operating in the Law Enforcement role have become available on the pre-owned market due to fleet renewal.

The Baden Würtemberg Polizei has sold 5 MD Explorers to the Hungarian National Police including spares, equipment, training and 1 year warrenty for a total sum of 13.6 million euro’s.

They include #00052, #00093, #00096, #00097, #00098.  They have accumulated a TTAF ranging from 4400 to 7500 hours. The Hungarian Rendörség fleet will receive tailnumbers in the R-900 range.

Four former United Kingdom Police MD Explorers have been put up for sale.

#00078 with a TTAF: 18.861 hours.

#00122 with a TTAF: 8563 hours.

#00057 with a TTAF: 10.805 hours.

#00104 with a TTAF: 10.555 hours.

Recently a reservation was made for a probably new MD Explorer in Brasil.  Tail-number PR-NQN

Last month information was received that during April 1999 an MD Explorer has been operating in Greece with tail-number SX-HPD. Any information about the correct tie-up with an airframe-number is most welcome.