H145 – EC145T2 – BK.117D-2 production update.

# 20214 VT-NAP Poonawalla Aviation, India

The Airbus H145 – Eurocopter EC145T2 – BK.117D-2 production page has been updated.


Eurocopter 145 T2 Production update


#20220 D-HBTS / PT-EGB

The Airbus H145 – Eurocopter EC145T2 – Kawasaki BK117D2

Orderbook & Production listing has been updated.

AeroBoek Eurocopter 145T2 Order Book

AeroBoek Eurocopter EC145T2 Production

The first 800.

The Eurocopter 145 production pages have been updated.

Showing the first 800 units produced at the Eurocopter Germany Donauworth facility.

The last 100 units have been listed here: AeroBoek Eurocopter 145 Production

Some airframe details are not yet known. Any assistance with filling the gaps is very much appreciated.

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