Notar News

Several MD Explorers operating in the Law Enforcement role have become available on the pre-owned market due to fleet renewal.

The Baden Würtemberg Polizei has sold 5 MD Explorers to the Hungarian National Police including spares, equipment, training and 1 year warrenty for a total sum of 13.6 million euro’s.

They include #00052, #00093, #00096, #00097, #00098.  They have accumulated a TTAF ranging from 4400 to 7500 hours. The Hungarian Rendörség fleet will receive tailnumbers in the R-900 range.

Four former United Kingdom Police MD Explorers have been put up for sale.

#00078 with a TTAF: 18.861 hours.

#00122 with a TTAF: 8563 hours.

#00057 with a TTAF: 10.805 hours.

#00104 with a TTAF: 10.555 hours.

Recently a reservation was made for a probably new MD Explorer in Brasil.  Tail-number PR-NQN

Last month information was received that during April 1999 an MD Explorer has been operating in Greece with tail-number SX-HPD. Any information about the correct tie-up with an airframe-number is most welcome.

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