The MD520 Notar production list has been up-dated.

Some 35 airframe sheets have been updated this weekend, clearing some backlog, checking & updating all the New Zealand models, and adding some photo’s from the Great Kiwi 500 Fly-In.

For details check the Notar production list on:

Airbus H160B “Cheetah – Guépard” Production Update

The Airbus Helicopter H160B Production has gained momentum this year. The first H160B for the Marine National, leased and operated by Babcock, has been delivered medio May 2022. Several units are now in the final completion stage and the first completely painted VIP units have been test flying from Marseille.

For a complete overview of the current H160B production check this link :


Airbus H160 “Cheetah – Guépard” Order Book Update & Introduction of Production Listing.

The Airbus ( Eurocopter France ) H160 Helicopter Order Book has been updated.

The Airbus ( Eurocopter France ) H160 Helicopter Production Listing has been added.

See: for the details of new order.

See: for the details of the production.

The Airbus – Eurocopter EC-145 Production pages have been updated.

Recently production details of the first 446 US Army Lakota ( UH-72A ) helicopters have been released.

The nine pages of Airbus – Eurocopter EC-145 Production listings have now been updated with their matching US Army serial.

For details see: AeroBoek Eurocopter 145 Production Part One and the next 8 pages.

H145 – EC145T2 – BK.117D-2 production update.

The first four EC-145T2 or H145 have been handed over to the Hungarian Air Force.

The Airbus H145 – Eurocopter EC145T2 – Kawasaki BK.117D-2 production page has been updated.

See: for the details.